When I think of holiday gathers before COVID-19, I also thought of tech. I think of football on the TV, kids playing video games and all of us looking for the hottest Black Friday deals on our phones. Even when we were physically together, we were mentally online. That’s why this year the tables have turned.

While we’re all on our phones anyways, we’re doing what we can to be together…at a distance. Going out of our ways to be closer to the ones we love all thanks to technology.

Actually using our phones to reach out

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of…

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In the past two weeks, 3 of my coworkers have tested positive for COVID-19. During those weeks we’ve had an influx of foot-traffic first due to post-election panic, and now because of the recent closing of NYC schools.

As an essential worker, I have seen the names of my coworkers vanish from the log without any explanation. Due to HIPPA, we don’t expect one. However, with the cold arriving, we’re all taking a good look at what our management has been doing since the first wave, reviewing the research and trying to design a safer shopping experience for everyone.

What we’re doing already :

  • All…

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It’s been raining for the past 2 days in NYC but my (recently tested negitive) friends are eager to eat out before the winter chill sends them back into their caves. However, what does one do when you want to want to eat anywhere but an apartment during the Fall rain? In short…Nothing.

Even with the new regulations of indoor dining in place, restaurants are still counting on take-out order and outdoor seating to make rent, and for good reason too. Throughout the New York City Bouroughs Corona cases are at an all time high again leaving residents anticipating the…

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In short, heck yes, but it’s never that easy.

It’s been 6 months since I graduated from my Design Bootcamp and 2 months since I’ve declared my official job search date. Overall, it’s been pretty disheartening.

With the state of the world feeling like a weight on my personal and professional shoulders, balancing it all has proven itself a difficult challenge time and time again.

So as I receive another rejection and ghost, why on earth would I still want to be a Designer?

I’m hyper-focused on improving the User Experience.

As someone who has worked in retail for a decade (yikes!), hospitality, integrity, and quality customer…

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When I began researching UX Design as a potential career I instantly became overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet. Despite UX Design being fairly new, it’s actually been a growing career for the past decade! Thankfully, there are content creators online who help Junior Designers understand the business, and hone their craft.

If you’re interested in UX Design and don’t know where to start, here are the 4 Youtube channels that inspired my decision to become a UX Designer.


I stumbled on Christine, aka Chunbun, when her video“How I became a UX Designer without experience or a…

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2020 isn’t what I expected when I decided to change careers. I left a comfortable remote position in the Health and Wellness industry to get into tech as a UX Designer. Little did I know, I’d be graduating in the middle of a pandemic and tackling a new challenge: the shrinking job market.

The state of the economy has companies shortening staff and reducing the average salary by 10–15%. We have to accept that the world is dealing with a virus and an unpredictable future. What this means for us, is that jobs are slim, and times are hard.


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Define working hours.

Whether it’s 7am-3pm, 9am-5pm or a late 12–8pm, defining and dedicating that time for your work is essential for getting in the zone! While it’s easier said than done, your mindset needs to replace your typical work environment

Have open communication.

Communicating through a computer is not ideal, but sending zoom links every second you have a question just isn’t realistic. There is an art to online communication professionally and it consists of a few things:

  • Get to the point….please.
    - If it doesn’t require a long story, just don’t.
  • There's a time and place for gifs and memes.
    - Celebration channel, yes. A…

I like to think that I’m a people person. I’ve thrived in customer service positions, lead workshops, and hosted my fair share of meetups prior to COVID-19. However, since graduating from my Design Bootcamp and declaring my job searching I’ve noticed that Coffee Chats have awakened my Social Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Social Anxiety Disorder, also called Social Phobia, is intense anxiety or fear of being judged, negatively evaluated, or rejected in a social or performance situation.

While, according to Harvard Business Review, Imposter Syndrome is a collection of feelings of…

I’ll admit that I don’t spend a lot of time reading signs around me. I may even be desensitized to them? When I go grocery shopping I have a list of items I’m already familiar with. If I’m browsing, I pay more attention to a product’s packaging than the store’s ability to promote it. Shelf signs are nothing more than big price tags, but what else did you expect?

Everything is trying to get our attention: from products to advertisements, and event notifications on your phone. So in places like grocery stores, how is anyone product supposed to stand out…

At the end of September 2019, I made the decision to quit my comfortable, full time, remote position in hopes of pursuing a more creative career. I had been helping my boyfriend sketch out ideas for digital applications and that process introduced me to UX Design.

I had become inspired and signed up for a 24 week UX Design Bootcamp that was half remote and half in-person. While I thrive best in an in-person setting, I needed to work while studying in order to pay bills and my monthly rent. It’s not a typical situation and most people would tell…

Rechelle Abalos

I’m a Brooklyn-based UX/UI Designer in love with improving our experiences focused on food, technology, and other human beings.

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